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Say it Ladies!

Five women (Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Dakota Johnson, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones) stop holding back and start telling the truth, just like Sara Bareilles would want them to.

This video is pretty damn funny. I’m all for taking the feelings of others into account, but not to the point of self-censorship. Or in the case of Kate McKinnon’s character, not being able to poop because someone is in the bathroom doing their hair.

The only character that got me feeling judgy was Aidy Bryant’s because ISIS and Boko Haram are so bad for women. But that’s my reaction, not her problem!

Let’s try to keep in mind that other people’s reactions are none of our business and to let the words fall out!

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The projects are stacking up!


A veritable rainbow of knits just waiting to be washed!

From top to bottom: Malabrigo Rasta in Lettuce, Malabrigo Rasta in Natural, Malabrigo Rasta in Sunset, Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick n’ Quick in Sky Blue, Malabrigo Rasta in Ravelry Red.

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New Year, New Needles

It’s a fresh year full of possibility here at The After-School Art Club. As so often happens, I’ve noticed my focus shifting. These past cold months have found me busily working on a number of knitting patterns which I hope to polish up and publish online. So far in the queue are patterns for a turban, a beret, a porkpie hat, a headband and a cable beanie, all of which are quick chunky projects that can be finished in a day or two.

Instead of buying a bunch of circular needles for my new projects (of which I already own many), I’ve decided to invest in the Takumi bamboo circular needle set. So far I’m extremely happy with the purchase. I think it will save me money in the long run, not to mention several trips to the yarn shop. Also, bamboo is my favorite knitting needle material because IMO it has the perfect amount of grip. I hate when my stitches slip off the needles all willy nilly!


This year I also hope to explore the intersection of knitting and Feminism. I have some ideas already that I’m excited to flesh out.

Have a creative and happy New Year, all! Thank you for joining me. Big hugs!

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Protest Sweater

I read an article on Refinery29 yesterday morning that made me feel ill afterwards. It details police retaliation against Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed NYPD police officer Daniel Pantaleo murdering his friend Eric Garner during an attempted arrest. Eric was being arrested for allegedly peddling loose cigarettes, but he will never get the chance to be tried in a jury of his peers. As per the decision of a Staten Island grand jury on Thursday, neither will officer Daniel Pantaleo.

There’s really nothing I can do with my anger except channel it into art which is why I’m proposing a Protest Sweater. My intention is that this sweater will be worn during peaceful protest and that it will fulfill the following requirements:

  • It can protect the protester’s identity to avoid retaliation.
  • It can conceal possible identifying characteristics that may prejudice a biased viewer such as race, gender and orientation.
  • It can reveal the protester’s identity if they so choose.
  • It can be easily removed and stuffed into a bag or backpack.
  • It sends a strong and direct visual message.
  • It is comfortable and functional as a garment.

Here is a sketch of my proposal. The photograph is from


I want to make the pattern public and I’d really appreciate feedback from anyone reading this. I also want to state for the record that I do not hate the police or support violence of any kind on either side. I am, however, extremely angry about the revoltingly poor quality of police training, oversight and accountability. Police Departments are failing citizens and officers and putting all of us at risk. Improved training, body cams and accountability for police officers and departments are vital for everyone’s protection.

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This vagina boat will brighten your day!

What is a vagina boat, right? And how exactly will it brighten your day? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words. And two pictures are worth two thousand words. So, behold…

Get ready, because I am about to run-on-sentence the crap out of you. What you are looking at, dear readers, is smiling Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi (known as  Rokudenashiko, or “good-for-nothing-girl” in Japanese) sailing down the Tama River near Tokyo in a kayak made from a 3D scan of her own vagina.

While Rokudenashiko’s piece may appear to be fun and lighthearted to some Westerners, the act of depicting a vagina directly confronts a taboo surrounding the female genitalia in her home country. This conflict was highlighted by her arrest and detention by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on obscenity charges related to the piece. (For contrast, check out this penis festival and parade featuring giant phalluses held every spring in Kawasaki, Japan.)

Fortunately, Rokudenashiko was released relatively quickly thanks in large part to a petition signed by over 20,000 people on She is still active and currently selling light-up soft vinyl “Pussy-chan” figurines on her website.

For more statements by the artist about the piece and her arrest, check out the Reuter’s article here.

For more information on her process and the context of her piece, check out the BuzzFeed article here.


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These undies are awesome!

When my hubster showed me the new Pink Loves Consent line of undies from Victoria’s Secret I was blown away in the best possible way. I couldn’t wait to post congratulating the company for making such a strong and unexpected stand against rape culture and for using diverse models in their campaign.

lets_talk_about_sex_model listen_to_what_i_want_model no_means_no_model

Upon visiting the website for myself, I noticed it was not part of and decided to call shenanigans. A quick Google search revealed that the line was indeed an act of subversion by anti-rape group FORCE: upsetting rape culture.

While I was initially disappointed that it was a hoax, I have to give FORCE huge props for making such a compelling campaign. Anything that has people talking about body image and rape culture is a positive step forward in my book. Also, congratulations are due for successfully petitoning Victoria’s Secret to withdraw their lawsuit and allow the satirical site to be reinstated. You guys are my heroes!

Let’s hope that someday this will be reality and not satire.

All photos from

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here is an awesome yarn bomb I had the pleasure of gazing upon as I sipped tea and knit this past weekend at the Lantern Coffee Bar in Grand Rapids. There was also a pretty fantastic mural across the street. I didn’t get a picture but perhaps you can see a bit of it peeking up over the cars.


Madcap Coffee was another friendly place to sit and knit and the music was top notch. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area anytime soon!

Anyway have a fantastic and safe holiday people!

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Feminist Sweater

I’ve finished the first in a series of sweaters that incorporate social messages into the design. I can’t wait to do a real photoshoot of it! I’ve also been making drawings of weird cartoon characters. I don’t know what their significance is yet, but I’m having fun!

Feminist Sweater Halp